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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Go Green

"The best things in life are free, 
The second best are very expensive"
- Coco Chanel

It was so windy today, it was so difficult for us to get pictures but it turned out to be a great day, we enjoyed it thoroughly and we personally love our outfits, its simple but classy, the color "Green" is so amazing that whenever you wear it, it automatically cleanse you from in and out and it gives so friendly feel.

Its weird that how can a color makes you feel good or bad ,but its true, it impacts a persons mood and psychology, it gives you confidence to be presentable, and feel good about yourself. 

So this season, we want you all to carry some green color outfit in your closet and wear it on a very important day, and do tell us how it made you feel and was it a good experience or a bad one? Though we hope that it would be amazing :) 

Aditi is totally crazy about the sunglasses but whereas I am concerned I am way too far to carry a sunglass but today I did, I feel awkward but Aditi loves it. Hope that Aditi is right :)


The Fashionable Duos