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Monday, 17 February 2014

Flaunting my "MK"

Always keep your eyes open. 
Keep Watching. 
Because whatever you see can inspire you.
- Grace Coddington

Hi Lovely Ladies,

I would love to share with you all that today I received my "MK Messenger Bag", a gift from my dear dearest brother who brought this gift for me on a Christmas Day, 

He is like a SANTA to me, 
A perfect bag
A perfect Brand
A perfect color for Christmas
A perfect gift for a sister
From A Perfect Brother (Thanks Navin Chadha :D)

All the girls who loves shopping and MK (Michael Kors) knows, its a big deal when someone brings you a gift and when that gift is perfect for your wardrobe collection and more importantly that person knows what you will like "The Most".

With my MK, I have tried a sequence top, with a ZARA Blazer and Black Bell Bottoms and lots and lots of Statement Jewelry. Every Color in this look catches an eye.

Hope you all like it!!!

I hope you all will get your perfect gift sooner or later :D



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